Welcome to No Solar In Logan County (Ohio)

Welcome to  We are a grassroots movement located in Logan County, Ohio.  We have come together as a community to educate our fellow neighbors on the negative impact of industrial solar facilities.

We support green energy, however we realize that if our fertile farmland is turned into solar panels then how are we supposed to eat?


Currently there are several developers enticing farmers to lease their land for a large profit.  While landowners can certainly do what they want with their own land, we believe that once a respectable attorney reviews the contract, they will find several flaws and will advise their client not to sign.

Ask yourself, if several thousand acres of agricultural land is converted to industrial solar facilities, who will grow your food?  Bill Gates?  Mark Zuckerberg?

Please consider getting involved through our Facebook page (link at the top of this page).  We are up against multi-billion companies, please donate to keep this movement alive and productive.  Thank you!


What Can I Do?


Contact Local Government Officials

  • They have the responsibility to represent the community.

  • They should welcome your input, suggestions, and any research you have to share.

  • They should represent their constituents throughout the application process.​


Township Trustees:

  • Bokescreek Township

    • Todd Elliot 937-935-0299​; 4730 CR 124, West Mansfield

    • James Rice 937-722-7014; 1630 TR 131, West Mansfield

    • Larry Mouser 419-306-9880, 7210 CR 117, Ridgeway

  • Perry Township

    • JD Gibson 937-441-9486, 3170 Temperance, East Liberty​

    • Kenny Rosebrook 101 TR 132 West Mansfield

    • John Brose 937-597-5937, 4184 CR 152, East Liberty

  • Rushcreek Township

    • Don Stevens 937-935-6934, 1975 CR 25 N, Bellefontaine​

    • Jeff Spencer 937-707-9740, 4875 CR 20, Rushsylvania 

    • Chad Shafer 937-539-6804

Help Spread The Word!

  • Talk to your neighbors and make sure they know about the project.

  • Show your support and order a yard sign.

Contact Invenergy

  • Daniel Vertucci is the project manager and he will be happy to discuss any concerns you have regarding the project.


Participate In The OPSB Application Process

  • Solar projects that exceed 50 MW are governed by the OPSB. Invenergy will need to submit an application to the OPSB and go through a regulated process.

  • This lengthy process includes public notification (which took place on January 12), various meetings, and hearings.

  • Residents can participate in the process, however you will need to register by a deadline set by the OPSB in order to provide official input at hearings.

  • It is critical to watch for emails, calls to action on our website and Facebook page once hearings begin.

  • The OPSB website allows you to monitor the Fountain Point Project and you can sign up to receive notifications directly related to the project.


  • No Solar In Logan County is a group of volunteers.  Donations help pay for legal services (required to understand the complicated process through the OPSB), research and development of resources, community outreach, and out of pocket expenses.

  • Keep in mind, donations are not tax deductible.

  • Checks can be sent to P.O. Box 239 West Mansfield, OH 43358


Online Petition

We have created an online petition hoping it will make it easier to share and get more signatures. If you signed the paper petition we...

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Upcoming Events

  • Community Meeting/Hearing Prep
    Tue, Dec 06
    East Liberty
    Dec 06, 6:00 PM
    East Liberty, East Liberty, OH, USA
    This will be the last community meeting of the year. The focus will be preparing for the upcoming public hearing on Dec 14. Please attend if you are planning on speaking.
  • Multiple Dates
    Mon, Dec 12
    Rushsylvania Recycling Center
    Dec 12, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
    Rushsylvania Recycling Center, Rush St, Rushsylvania, OH 43347, USA
  • Multiple Dates
    Mon, Dec 12
    East Liberty
    Dec 12, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    East Liberty, 9646 Foundry Rd, East Liberty, OH 43319, USA
  • Fountain Point Solar Public Hearing
    Wed, Dec 14
    Dec 14, 5:00 PM
    Bellefontaine, 6609 OH-47, Bellefontaine, OH 43311, USA
    Logan County has ONE opportunity to let OPSB know that industrial solar is not welcome here. The only way to save our farmland is to speak up. It's possible to stop Fountain Point/Invenergy, but only if you show up at this hearing.
  • Multiple Dates
    Wed, Dec 14
    West Mansfield
    Dec 14, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    West Mansfield, 278 W. Highland St, West Mansfield, OH 43358, USA

Please submit your contact information to learn more about our movement.

Checks Payable to:  Citizens Against Fountain Point, LLC​

Donations can be

mailed to:

P.O. Box 239
West Mansfield, OH 43358

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