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Invenergy's Legal Team Isn't Happy

Almost 2 months to the day, Invenergy's legal team filed a motion to have a large portion of Citizens Against Fountain Point's reply brief stricken from the record. It seems a bit desperate if you ask me. Everything they want stricken was already part of the case in some form or fashion, that is, if they read the testimonies of over 1,400 opposition comments.

As this year comes to a close, please keep this case in your prayers. Every elected official in Columbus is in favor of changing the landscape of Logan County forever. Every Democrat and left leaning Republican (eh em, Jon Cross that's you) wants more and more of these projects to be rubber stamped by a group of overpaid State workers that no doubt lives behind a gated community, an overpriced apartment, or a cute neighborhood covered in chemicals so the dandelions can't grow.

We will continue to fight this as long as we have money in the account and Logan County residents want us to. If you have anything to spare after Christmas, please consider a donation to the attorney fund. We are very close to running out of money. Every time we need to contact our attorney it costs hundreds. You can make a check out to "Citizens Against Fountain Point" and mail it to CAFP, P.O. Box 239, West Mansfield, OH 43358

We will post updates as they are entered in the case.

Invenergy Whining
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