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Logan County Solar Projects

There have been several changes happening around Logan County and it's been a whirlwind keeping up with them. Seems like when it rains it pours. Unfortunately it's not a good thing when it rains solar panels on our beautiful county.

Several projects are creeping into Logan County and they will most likely all hit close to the same time or within the same year. So buckle up because it will be information overload and you will have to pay attention to future posts to keep up. If you would like updates regarding what is happening in your township or maybe you want to know what is happening across Logan County in general, please be sure to send us your email address and let us know what township you are interested in or if you want to be added to the general email list. We NEVER share your email with anyone, in fact only one or two people in Logan County will have access to the master list.

Check out the attached map of updated projects in the county. The steering committee knew about the majority of them. There is one in particular that almost took us by surprise because it leaked into the county from our neighbors in Hardin County. Hardin County has rolled out the red carpet to solar and wind developers so it's no surprise that eventually this would happen. Pine Gate Renewables has a proposed project just over the border. They claim that several land owners in Logan County have signed up for solar, but nothing is showing up at the Recorder's Office. Until they actually record the leases, we have no idea how many acres are in play (if any). We know they are professional liars. We are keeping a close eye on that project and the current Rushcreek Township Trustees are being very proactive to do everything they can to keep them out of the township. If you live in Rushcreek, please thank your trustees for their proactive stance!

As you will see, there is new information regarding the very large project in the Northwest corner of the county, Grange Solar. The details are still unfolding and we will update this map as we get more information. This project has the potential of eating up a very large portion of land based on the maximum MW. So far, they have recorded leases totaling thousands of acres. So this project may not be a 6,000 acre project, but even 10 acres is too much to lose. A FB page has been created to help you navigate this new project's progress. Search Indian Lake, OH - AGAINST Industrial Solar

Directing your attention to the black box on the left side of the map....this box shows two areas of connectivity per the PJM website. We are unsure if that means more projects are headed for that area, if the projects will only connect to that area, if there are several small arrays being proposed by homeowners or developers, or something else. This is concerning and we since we aren't sure, it will be up to YOU to keep us informed.

I leave you with a list of action items:

  • Your mission is to continue to educate your neighbors. Point them to this website and/or our FB page for more information.

  • There are documents posted on this website for land owners to consider before signing leases with developers that have both sides of the coin presented.

  • You need a "no solar in logan county" yard sign. Stand up for your right as a homeowner and let the developers know you are against large scale solar in your neighborhood. It sends a message to those considering signing a lease as well as the snakes/developers slithering around looking for another kill.

  • Join the No Solar in Logan County FB page.

  • Financially support our fight. Attorneys aren't cheap. Send a check to No Solar In Logan County, P.O. Box 239, West Mansfield, OH 43358

Logan County Projects Updated Sept 2023
Download PDF • 315KB

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