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Logan County Update

Updated: Apr 30

It's past time for a Logan County Solar Project update so here it is. You know we don't beat around the bush here. It's raw information and it's real. All this information is public so the fact that names are mentioned is not a big deal. It's fact and it's the reality of the situation. Someone has to start the ball rolling and these are the people who signed first.

Others who signed leases with the developers regret their decision and would love to back out of their agreement, however once you sign with a developer, it's ironclad and there is no going back. If you happen to be in negotiations with a developer, think twice. We have some really good resources that will help you decide for yourself if signing a lease is the right decision for your situation. Please get in contact with us ASAP.

We are still waiting for OPSB to vote on Fountain Point Solar located in Bokescreek Township.  If approved by the OPSB, the total acreage this project is expected to be is 2,768.  The first lease was signed by Don Hays on November 19, 2019.


There are currently 3 other projects pending in Logan County:


1)  Lightsource BP is the developer, Acamar is the project name.  This project is leaking into Perry Township from Union County's Liberty Township.  This project if approved will consume 210 acres in Logan County.  This project is waiting for OPSB to assign a case number.  The first lease was signed by Carol Losey on June 29, 2020. Leases were signed earlier in Union County, but for this particular blog, the focus is on Logan County.


2)  Pine Gate Renewables is the developer, Panther Creek Solar is the project name.  This project is leaking into Rushcreek Township from Hardin County.  If approved will be approximately 515 acres in Logan County alone.  There are 3 new leases signed this year in Hardin County so this tells us that the developer is still slithering around and knocking on doors.  This project is waiting for OPSB to assign a case number.  Rushcreek residents have taken an additional step and put their newly elected trustees feet to the fire by having them sign a resolution that ensures they are going to protect Rushcreek Township by intervening on behalf of their constituents.  The first leases were signed on March 10, 2023. All leases signed are located in Hardin County. Nothing is recorded in Logan County and we are still trying to figure out why because the developer is telling us there are leases signed here. Once we know more we will definitely share what we know.


3)  Open Road Renewables is the developer, Grange Solar is the project name.  This project is in Washington, Stokes, McArthur, and Bloomfield townships.  The estimated number of acres for this project is 6,900 acres.  The project is waiting for the OPSB to assign it a case number.  The first lease was signed by Frederick Hoffman on April 13, 2020.


Developers will never give up trying to convince your neighbors that this is the wave of the future and we are all doomed if we don't turn our land over to solar panels and/or wind turbines.  Let me know if you want to get involved.  There is plenty of work to be done in Logan County and across Ohio!

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