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Good News and Bad News

Let's start out with the bad news. We have more questions than answers.

The good news is that Rushcreek has been taken out of the project area!!!!! It's okay if you want to do the happy dance with me! We were all surprised when Invenergy's project manager said Rushcreek Township has been taken out of the project footprint. So it's a similar situation as Perry Township. The leases are still in contract.

Larry Mouser, Bokescreek Township Trustee (who is up for re-election this November) was first on the stand. He was cross examined and was adamant that Fountain Point will do wonders for the community. If Larry Mouser is your trustee, I highly suggest you write to the OPSB ( and let them know what you think about his personal and profession opinion. Don't forget to add the case number in your email (21-1231-EL-BGN). There is nothing more damning to his testimony than your personal opinion. Remember he is an elected official, he works for YOU, and YOU pay his salary.

Daniel Vertucci (Invenergy's Project Manager) was up next. At one point, I wasn't sure if he knew what his given name was because he hardly answered any questions. I suppose that's part of the game they play when they are on the stand.

After Daniel, a few other "experts" were on the stand, but not much came out of their testimonies. Rushcreek Trustee Doug Lyons and the four Intervenors for Citizens Against Fountain Point did not have to go on the stand to get cross examined. Jess Stottsberry was the last person to be put on the stand and get cross examined. He is the staff project lead. He was cross examined and admitted that he basically jumped to conclusions when he recommended that the project should be approved.

So the hearing is officially over and the transcript will get added to the case docket within the next few weeks. I'll be sure to post it so you can read for yourself what exactly took place, the questions asked, and the answers (or lack thereof) given.

Last but not least, the initial brief will be filed by September 18 and the reply brief will be filed by October 16. Until then, if you have not chimed in on your opinion of having thousands of acres of prime farmland taken over by thousands of solar panels in your county, feel free to email OPSB and tell them what you think. Better yet, tell the voting members of the OPSB what you think. Attached is a document we put together on how to contact each voting member. Your voice needs to be heard and counted!! You CAN shut this project down!!

When we get more information we will be sure to pass it along. Hang in there Logan County! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Ohio Power Siting Board
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