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Reply Briefs Have Been Filed!

I won't bother posting Invenergy or OPSB's reply briefs since they are essentially the same as the last brief. No big surprise there. Please read the reply briefs from both Rushcreek's attorney Breanne Parcels and also Citizens Against Fountain Point's attorney Kevin Dunn. They both knocked it out of the park.

At this point it will be obvious if the OPSB is getting kick backs or are blind since both Breanne and Kevin have pointed out every lie and inaccuracy in the case. The next step is for OPSB to vote and we will keep you posted if we hear when that will take place.

In the meantime, please pray they will read the reply briefs, testimonies, and really exam the case thoroughly. Also, the voting members are mostly made up of State of Ohio Directors. You can write directly to them and ask them to review the case with open eyes and really take a hard look at the case's discrepancies.

Ohio Power Siting Board
Download DOCX • 15KB

Reply Brief_CAFP
Download PDF • 1.36MB

Reply Brief_Rushcreek
Download PDF • 235KB

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