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Broken Promises.....

Eighteen months later, the noise persists, despite numerous complaints from neighbors and the efforts of local elected officials to get the matter resolved. Adding to neighbors’ annoyance, the dozens of arborvitae planted by the developer to help shield the solar panels from public view — a requirement for the project’s approval — have mostly turned brown and died.

When you talk to the developers they assure you that everything will be fine. They answer all your questions politely, have you sign your good neighbor agreement, you get a check to do with what you want, however.....there may be more to it than that. Although, there's no indication that those quoted in the attached article signed an agreement with the developer, I know it happens and they too will live within earshot of the project. Hope it was worth it, but I seriously doubt it.

The attached article is a perfect example of what will most likely happen to our beautiful Logan County. This solar project is "only" taking up 29 acres. Fountain Point is slated to ruin 2,768 acres of prime farmland. It can't be stressed enough, please send in your comments to oppose Fountain Point! It's a simple email and you don't have to be an expert to tell them what you think.


Case Number: 21-1231-EL-BGN

Neighbor dispute risks souring a Connecticut community on solar energy
Download PDF • 125KB

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