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What Is A Megawatt?

Our Ohio Cooperative Magazine had a recent article that was very informative about Megawatts (MW) and how to wrap your brain around what it can power.

1 MW is equivalent to 1 million watts of power which sounds like lot doesn't it? Let's take a look at what 1 MW of electricity can power.

Factory: 1 MW will power facilities with heavy machinery

Big Box Store: 1 MW will power a typical large retail store

Office Building: 1 MW will power several medium office buildings

Hospital: 1 MW will power a small hospital

School: .5 MW will power a medium sized public school

EV Charging: 1 MW can charge 720,000 vehicles simultaneously

Data Center: 1 MW can power one small data center

Residential: 1 MW can power 750-1,000 homes

So here's the kicker. With solar and wind being shoved down our throats on a daily basis, how many acres will 1 MW of power use? It takes 6-8 acres of Ohio's prime farmland to generate 1 MW of power. It takes 3 wind turbines to generate 1 MW of power.

To put it into perspective, the proposed Fountain Point Solar project for Bokescreek Township in Logan County, Ohio is projected to need 280 MW of power which will take 2,768 acres of our prime farmland. So what will that much power do for Logan County? Nothing. According to the developer the power gets sent to the East Coast. We get nothing out of the deal in terms of power or lower electric bills. I mean if the all powerful OPSB is going to mandate that I live next to thousands of solar panels, then I better get something out of the deal, such as free electricity or a substantially lower electric bill! Throw me a bone here.

The proposed Grange Solar Project near Indian Lake is projected to need 500 MW of power. That adds up to over 3,500 acres of farmland if you by the developer's propaganda. To be truthful, it will most likely be closer to 5,000 acres once they finish pulling the wool over more farmers and adding a fence, inverters, battery facilities, etc. That's an insane number of acres that will never go back to being farmed like it is today.

So now you know the truth and can hopefully understand why this is not the right direction for Logan County. It's not the right direction for ANY county unless they start doing the right thing and putting solar panels on roof tops, not on farmland. They could also start paying for it out of their own pocket not mine or yours. No more subsidies for green energy! Are you listening Washington? Stop spending our money as if you are playing Monopoly.

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