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Three Strikes You're Out!

During Invenergy's last couple visits into town, they have been to three different Trustee Meetings, One Commissioner Meeting, and met with a few residents directly affected by Fountain Point Solar Project.

One Strike - Bokescreek Township Trustee Meeting was up first with approximately 40 people in attendance. I'm not going to lie, it got a little heated at times, but everyone kept their cool and got the job done. The objective behind the meeting was to hold the Trustees accountable. Two of three Trustees signed leases with Invenergy and refuse to step down as Trustees. Despite that, they agreed to sign a resolution that night and it has been received by the County Commissioners. One down.....

Strike Two - Rushcreek Township Trustee Meeting met Monday, February 14 at 5:30pm. We quickly went beyond the room's capacity and moved it down the road to the firehouse. With approximately 45 people in attendance we also have on Jeff Spencer's word that they typed up a resolution and it is being hand delivered the morning of February 16.

Strike Three - Perry Township Trustees also met on Monday, February 14 at 7:00pm. It might have been the longest of the three meetings and was a tad bit heated trying to convince one trustee that we don't need a survey to prove that more people in the township are against the project than for it. We finally convinced him and they signed their resolution that night as well.

The next step is to get the Commissioner's to act on the resolutions presented to them. We need them to make it well known around the solar/wind developer world that they are not welcome in Logan County.

So far, Logan County has 5 townships that have been pro-active in stopping industrial wind/solar from wreaking havoc on our farmland. Let's keep the momentum going and get the rest of the Townships on board. If you live in Bloomfield, Harrison, Lake, Liberty, McArthur, Miami, Pleasant, Richland, Stokes, or Union Township, please attend your Trustee Meeting and get them to sign a resolution to stop this madness across the county. Otherwise, you will be in the fight for your life to preserve your farmland and home values.

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