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The Price of Green Energy

Green energy sounds great on the surface, but what happens when it destroys the planet in the process? Take for instance the craze of recycling. I'm old enough to remember taking pop bottles to the grocery store and getting a few coins in exchange for recycling the bottles to be used again. Now, most bottles are made of plastic that get thrown away out of convenience. I mean what is easier, tossing an empty plastic water bottle in the trash or storing them somewhere, remembering to put them in the car, then dropping them off at the nearest "pay as you throw" location. This is a mild example of what green energy can do to the planet. To learn more, check out the PDF about what is happening in Germany.

Here is a summary of the article taken from the last paragraph: " shows what an inefficient and costly scam green energy is. It's not cost-free, it's full of corrupt and unresponsive politicians who no longer care about democracy, and it certainly doesn't make the environment better. It's a nasty juggernaut of waste, fraud, corruption, and ecological degradation - with dead birds, turbine vibration sickness, strobe dizziness, and landscape pollution. Germany could fix this in two minutes..."

Germany to raze a 1,000-year-old forest in the name of 'going green' - American Thinker
Download PD • 591KB

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