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The latest Fountain Point Maps!

Invenergy's attorneys posted the updated maps for Fountain Point and it seems as though Perry Township is not within the footprint. This is great news!! We still have work to do, but this is definitely a victory for No Solar In Logan County! This is not possible without each of you, especially those who stood their ground and did not sign easements with Invenergy despite the money they kept throwing at you. We are all in this together. Brick by brick we keep building that wall to protect our county from this disaster.

The next hurdle is hiring an attorney. We are very far away from our goal of $50,000. I honestly didn't think it would be this difficult. If each of you could give $200 it will be enough to hire an attorney and send Invenergy packing. Come on Logan County, you can do it! Time is not on our side!!

Updated Maps
Download PDF • 66.05MB

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