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The 9th Data Request & What You Need To Know

Although it seems as though the OPSB sits on their high throne made of tax payer money and blesses every project that is presented before them, they also request more data from the developers to assist them in making a more rounded decision on each project (or that is what they are supposed to do). Each "data request" you see listed in the case record is one of those requests from OPSB. There have been several and most of them are filled with technical information. The one that caught our eye is the 9th Data Request (see attached). We have painstakingly done some of the research for you to verify what they submitted. What we found was somewhat shocking.

Please review the attached documents to be sure it is accurate and pass this information on to those that may not be informed. If what we found is true, Invenergy has lied to the OPSB and to you. These lies need to be brought up to the OPSB at the hearing on December 14th. No one can set the record straight except those directly affected. So please take the time to visit the Logan County Auditor's Page and look up your parcel number. Don't take our word for it. If you see the same inaccurate information listed on the data request, then be sure to let OPSB know about it on the 14th.

9th Data Request Inaccuracies
Download PDF • 149KB

9th Data Request
Download PDF • 260KB

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