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Sometimes It Takes A Village

I sent an email out today with an update on hiring an attorney. Below is what it said, if you are not receiving emails from No Solar In Logan County, please email us at and we will add you to the list. We need all hands on deck! Thank you!

Dear Logan County,

We are at a critical point in our no solar journey. We have come so far yet have miles to travel before this is over.

This email is not an easy one to write yet it may prove to be the most important email I send to you. You see, even though the majority of Logan County will soon be restricted, it will not prevent several other projects from entering the county.

Fountain Point (FP) is the first to enter the PJM and acquire a case number from the OPSB . If approved the total acreage in this project will be approximately 3,860 acres spanning Rushcreek, Bokescreek, and Perry Townships. These are the facts related to this case.

There are at least five more projects headed our way. We expect Lighsource BP to have their public meeting within the next couple months which will start the clock for their project (Acamar Solar).

We know Open Road Renewables and Solar Mosaic have signed leases in Miami and Liberty Townships. If that’s not enough, Stokes Township will be hammered with the largest project. The details are still fuzzy, but the fact remains, leases are being signed across the county and time is ticking.

I say all that because I am sounding the alarm as best I can. Our budget is small. We don’t have billions of dollars like the developers, so we are unable to create slick flyers and mail them out to all residents within the county. All we have is a website, Facebook, emails, and word of mouth.

Now for the reason behind this email. We feel strong that if we can stop FP, we can stop the other projects as well. In order to stop FP we need an attorney. An attorney will cost upwards of $50,000. Sometimes it takes a village, and that time is now. The more that join us, the less burden it will be. I know the economy looks bleak, gas is high, food prices are astronomical but what will it be like if more land is taken out of production? Every acre that has solar panels or wind turbines on it raises our prices.

What about the potential loss in property value, especially for a residential home as a result of this onslaught? What is your damage if your value declines by 10%, 15% or more? I don’t know about you, but I have invested thousands of dollars in my small 12 acre plot. I can’t afford for my property value to decline more than it already has.

If you add it all up, what are you willing to do to protect against these losses?

I am asking, if not outright begging you to consider a generous donation of a minimum of $200 to help us hire an attorney. We need to keep the fight up and this is our best chance. Without an attorney our chances diminish drastically. None of us are attorneys and we have no idea how to survive in a courtroom full of experts and attorneys from Invenergy. Please help us!

We have several ways to donate:

The website has a secure account through PayPal in the upper right corner by clicking “Donate To The Movement”:

Checks can be made out to “Citizens Against Fountain Point LLC” and mailed to:

Citizens Against Fountain Point LLC

P.O. Box 239

West Mansfield, OH 43358

The deadline to hire an attorney is September 1. Please consider a donation today and stop Fountain Point in its tracks.

Thank you!

As always, if you have questions please respond to this email and one of us will get back to you as soon as we are able.

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