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Logan County Township Trustees Say No!

Several Logan County Township Trustees have submitted their own opposition letter to oppose Fountain Point Solar. If you see any of them around town, please shake their hand and say thank you for supporting No Solar In Logan County! Every one of them deserve your vote!! If your township trustee isn't listed, pick up the phone and let them know they lost your vote when they are up for re-election.

Jacob Vitt, Liberty

CJ Hostetler, Liberty

Matt Wiley, Jefferson

Scott Armentrout, Jefferson

Anthony Bernard, Jefferson

Kyle Knief, Bloomfield

Steve Lithgo, Zane

Doug Henry, Zane

Jack Graham, Zane

Jason Faulder, Washington

Dale Barns, Monroe

Eric Yoder, Monroe

Don Bradley, Monroe

Kelly Copeland, Bloomfield

Peter Stolly, Lake

James Wish, Lake

William Nichols, Lake

Charles Strayer, Pleasant

Stephen Sanders, Pleasant

Jeffrey Schindewolf, Pleasant

John Brose, Perry

JD Gibson, Perry

Ken Rosebrook Sr, Perry

David Jackson, Harrison

Gary Campbell II, Harrison

Jerold Wiford II, Harrison

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