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Logan County Resolution!

Logan County for the win!! It's my pleasure to present to you the official resolution regarding the restriction of 16 out of 17 townships within Logan County. This resolution was only passed because of every person that showed up at Tuesday's meeting. We received several comments on how professional and respectful every speaker and supporter was. Thank you for showing an interest and protecting our beautiful county! You preserved our land for future generations and for that we are all grateful!

As a reminder, this resolution does not restrict the projects that have already gone through the PJM, so each of those projects will need their own steering committee, letters to the OPSB, and will have their own challenges based on the uniqueness of their size and location. Our work is not done, but this resolution is a step in the right direction.

Again, thank you Logan County for stepping up to the plate!

LCC Resolution Finalized
Download PDF • 3.21MB

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