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Logan County Commissioners Hearing

It took a week, but we finally acquired the public notice that the commissioners posted for the public to view. This is the first of many hearings coming our way and will be excellent practice for all of us in preparation for the OPSB hearing to stop Fountain Point.

The Commissioners are finally ready to address the 16 Township Trustee's request to restrict their townships from large wind/solar projects. Once this resolution passes it will take effect 30 days after its adoption. The resolution can be challenged by a petition and put on the ballot. We do not anticipate that any developer will challenge it, but stranger things have happened.

At this hearing we need to pressure the commissioners to make a decision that night. I mean, it really is a black and white issue and they have had ample time to decide where they stand. Either you want to protect Logan County from becoming a waste land of solar panels/wind turbines or you don't. You either stand with the majority of our farmers or you don't. Pick a side commissioner, get off the fence!

Please plan on attending this very important hearing and voice your concerns. We can assure you that Invenergy, Open Road Renewables, Lightsource BP and maybe other developers coming into Logan County will have their minions there to sway the commissioners with their slick words and fat pockets.

We at No Solar In Logan County will help you prepare what to say and we have experience on how the hearing will take place. Let us help you. We are a team and we are here for you. Please attend our next community meeting on July 28 at 6pm in East Liberty (at the community building). We will be discussing this hearing and a few other critical items that are imperative to stop Fountain Point.

This hearing will only be successful if you attend. We need several to step up and voice your opinion and even more to show up to support those who are speaking. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with public speaking, but your presence at this hearing (and future hearings) will make an impact. Let's do this Logan County!!

public meeting notice[3321]
Download PDF • 46KB

Solar Restricted Area Map[3320]
Download PDF • 614KB

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