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Industrial Solar Causing Heat Islands? WTH?

Not only are there NO U.S. mandates on solar panel recycling, large scale solar facilities are causing another serious problem for those forced to live next to them, a heat island. What is a heat island you ask? Heat islands are caused by thousands of industrial solar panels. Temperatures around one solar plant were 3-4 degrees warmer than nearby land that had zero solar panels on it. Doesn't seem like much, but think about that when you are checking the weather and it's already going to hit 90 degrees in the summer and your air conditioner is running non stop. My wallet is crying just thinking about it.

"When you read that solar energy is already cheaper than natural gas, don’t be fooled. They are omitting the pollution and disposal costs, as well as habitat losses, solar heat islands, and the need for backup power generation or batteries – to lowball the true costs of solar. We need some honest math now, before it’s too late to turn back." Duggin Flanakin, Director of Policy Research at the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow

Solar panels generate mountains of waste - and heat the planet - CFACT
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