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Bellefontaine Examiner Article Re: Restrictions

Bellefontaine Examiner printed a balanced article regarding the Board of Commissioners August 9 meeting related to restricting the county of large scale wind and solar (over 50WM) projects. It mentions that several participants spoke against the restrictions and by my count there were 44 people signed up to speak. Four chose not to speak, eight were against the restrictions and one speaker seemed a little fuzzy on which side of the fence he was on. I hardly call that "several" and certainly the majority in attendance were there to support the speakers that were for the restrictions. Everyone in attendance was very professional and respectful to their neighbors regardless of their views on the issue.

According to Senate Bill 52, the deadline for those who are against the restrictions have until September 10 or 11 to submit a petition "signed by a number of registered electors residing in the county equal to not less than eight per cent of the total vote cast for all candidates for governor in that county at the most recent general election at which a governor was elected...."

Belleftontaine Examiner Article Re Passed Restrictions 082022
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