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Another Piece To The Puzzle

We have received official word that Invenergy has submitted the necessary paperwork to the OPSB which makes their application complete. This means that the public hearing will be right around the corner and we need to get cracking.

It's been said several times, if your property is close to the project footprint you need to become an intervenor and join the LLC. If you live in Logan County and want to help us stop this project, please join the LLC. Both are free and will go a long way to help us stop the Fountain Point Solar project.

We need to find the energy and enthusiasm that we had at the beginning of this project. Where are the 200 plus people that were at our March public meeting? Did you speak at the Commissioner's meeting in August? Have you signed our petition? Do you have a yard sign that you move around every time you mow? What about those that sent in a letter to the OPSB? WE NEED YOU TO GET INVOLVED!

We are having a community meeting Thursday, September 1st at the East Liberty Lodge, 6pm. Please try to attend. We are having guest speakers come that are traveling about an hour to come and help us prepare for the hearings and want this project to die just as much as we do. Let's show them some Logan County love! We will be discussing several issues, including intervening, the LLC, we have an update on the status of an attorney, and so much more. Pop's Pizza is right across the street, so you can order a sub or pizza and eat dinner at the same time.

Notice of Complete Application
Download PDF • 263KB

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